Elysian Darts - Fourth Edition - Target Darts

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Elysian 4 Concept Darts - Limited Edition - Target Darts

95% Tungsten

Each Unique Set is Supplied With:

The front of the barrel introduces our new Cell grip which features 192 intricately machined hexagons bevelled at a 45 degree angle.

Individually curated on a CNC Lathe and Milling machine, the Cell grip offers solid purchase for confident grip both radially and axially.

The Cell grip is then coated with a physical vapour deposition of gold Titanium Nitride, before once again being returned to the CNC machine for finishing.

The soft tip is fitted with a black pixel point.

Finished with Elysian 4 black Ti shafts and Ultra.Ghost+ flight featuring the stunning hexagonal Elysian 4 design.

Barrel Dimensions (Excludes Tip & Shaft):

18g - 6.90mm Dia, 50.00mm Long