Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are customs?

A. All customs start at £59.95 + P&P (from £5.99 UK / £12.99 EU & RoW), however this price may increase depending on the final design you require making.

We also offer a wide selection of Premium Grips to further enhance your custom darts, which may be viewed here - Premium Grips

Q. Can I buy a set of darts that I've seen on your social media pages?

A. More of often than not this is not possible as all the darts we make are bespoke, unique and custom made to a customers own personnel design.

Q. What do you need to make my perfect set of darts?

A. Less than you would think really, to get the ball rolling and to make the vast majority of darts we only need a simple sketch or drawing of the darts. This should include all your requirements detailed on it along with barrel shape, grips, diameter, length and weight.
Alternatively you can download our Barrel Builder form to help with the design/layout or select some of the popular grips.
Once we have your design and before we proceed with any manufacturing stage we will discuss and clarify with you that all the details shown can be achieved and that we have fully understood the requirements and where necessary explain what is and what isn't possible.

Q. What grips can you do?

A. We can produce a large number of grip formations and standard grip patterns such as Micro, Shark/Razor, Purist, Pyramid, Mamba, MvG etc. Please view our Facebook page for the most up to date designs we have produced - Our Facebook Page

Q. What grips do you not produce?

A. Elysian, Knurl, Nano and patent protected Pixel.

Q. Can you make a replica set?

A. In most cases, yes, but we need to see an image of the darts first before we would be able to confirm. Please e–mail (info@custommadedarts.com) us an image and we will let you know.

Q. Can you engrave my name and logo on the barrels?

A. Yes we can. Our laser engraving is permanent and will not rub off.

Q. Can you add a coating to darts?

A. Yes we can. We can add Black, Gold, Bronze and Rainbow. Please see our PVD Coatings product - HERE

Q. How long does it take?

A. The lead time on darts manufacturing can vary and depends on our current workload. Please contact us for the most up to date turn around.

Q. Where do I send my design sketch/drawing to?

A. E-mail it to us at info@custommadedarts.com

Q. Where can I send my dart(s) to?

A. Our postal address is:

Custom Made Darts
PO Box 835
North Yorkshire