Broken Dart Point Removal

We regularly see on forums and social media players asking how to remove a broken point that's snapped flush with barrel.

There are three commonly used methods, each have the same end result, but some take longer than others.

Method 1 - Alum Powder - 3 to 4 hrs

Method 2 - Drilling - 5 to 10 Minutes (+ postage time to and from us)

Method 3 - Vinegar - 5 to 6 weeks

Method 1 Alum Powder:

Use a non-ferrous saucepan (Aluminium or Glass/Pyrex) - add boiling water from a kettle and stir in the Alum Powder until no more will dissolve (a saturated solution). Do not use a steel or stainless steel pan.

Typical Concentration - 6 Tablespoons to 1 Cup of Water

Immerse the barrel in the solution so that the end with the broken point is covered and leave on a low heat (just below boiling point - this is essential).

Top up with boiling water periodically so that the broken point hole is always immersed in the solution.

A stream of 'fizzy' bubbles will emerge from the hole.

It may take 3 or 4 hours, possibly longer, of simmering to completely dissolve the remains of the old point, but eventually the hole will be completely clear and shiny new.

There is no nasty odour or chemical fumes.

The ferrous material is just slowly dissolved away!  - That's it.

TIP: Keep the solution with the dart in it hot and it will continue to bubble away.

Method 2 - Drilling:

Dart points are made from a very hard steel and can only be drilled out using expensive Tungsten Carbide drill bits, unfortunately these are very brittle and due to their size will snap off with the slightest wobble or too much pressure.

Apply a little bit of heat to the tip of the barrel just enough to soften the old point to aid the drilling process.

Take your time, not too much pressure and you should be able to drill straight through the centre of the old point allowing what remains to drop out.

Broken Points Removal by Drilling - CLICK HERE

Method 3 - Vinegar:

Pour neat white vinegar into a sealable container or jar with enough to cover the barrel, drop the barrel in, seal up and leave.

The solution will need to be replaced at regular intervals, at least once a week.

Just be patient as this is a long process and after 5 or 6 weeks the old point should be dissolved.