3D Modelling / CAD Drawing Service - Custom Made Darts

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3D CAD Modelling & CAD Drawing Service

Our in-house professional CAD design team will turn your design sketch/drawing into a beautifully rendered 3D model and 2D manufacturing drawing

From the technical drawing process we will be able to confirm the exact weight that will be achieved and the exact location for the Centre of Gravity (balance point) that your design creates.

We will also be able to illustrate the effect a change in tungsten % will have to both the weight and CoG.

The design can be tweaked and slightly adjusted twice, prior to your approval of the technical drawing and isometric view after which amendments may be chargeable.

A tweak is considered moving the grip/engraving slightly, increasing the weight, length or diameter. A new grip type or barrel profile would equate to a full redesign charge.

(Lead Time for Designs is between 1 to 2 weeks).

Once the technical drawing has been approved for manufacture we will produce the final 3D renderings.