Custom Made Darts - Micro Shaft Thread

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MICRO SHAFT THREAD TO ALLOW SHAFT SPARE TOPS TO FIT DIRECTLY TO THE BARREL. (Darts shown are for illustration purposes only, darts can be of any design).

Typically used with Alloy Ti, Carbon Ti & SlikStik Spare Tops.


Please contact us first with your design requirements before placing an order as we are not always able to produce some designs submitted to us.
We will review your design and finalise any details before placing your order to ensure we can meet your requirements, our e-mail is

We are NOT able to re-produce the Pixel, Knurl or Nano grips. (Pixel Grip is Patent Protected).

We can engrave on darts - Please see Barrel Engraving for costs.

We can add coatings - Please see PVD Coatings product for costs.

To add a further unique element to your bespoke darts we have some additional options.

Optional Grips: CLICK HERE
Specialist Points: CLICK HERE


Please contact us for very latest information on lead times.

Things to consider when designing your darts:

- Indicate shape
- Show the grip pattern (Ring, Micro, Shark, Purist etc.)
- Add dimensions (Length, Diameter, Grip Spacing etc.)
- Weight
- % of Tungsten (80%, 90%, 95% or 97%)
- Points (32mm Black are fitted as standard)

Manufacturing Tolerances to Your Design

Length: +/- 0.050mm
Diameter: +/- 0.050mm
Weight: +/- 0.005g

All sets will have three identical barrels to each other.

What You Get

3 x Dart Barrels matched ​weighed set to within 0.005g.
Each set is supplied with our own CMD No.6 Flights.
CM Logo laser engraved on each barrel.
Darts are fitted with 32mm Black points as standard.

*Typicaly 4/5mm of the point is pushed into the barrel